Tangible Development

Why Cultural Training?

Whether working with a global team or multicultural clients, cultural training enables firms to identify potential challenges and leverage cultural differences to develop a smooth working relationship.


Why Tangible Development?

Tangible Development provides cultural awareness training that is comprehensive and relevant to your particular industry. Before preparing a custom curriculum, we conduct a pre-assessment to identify your target regions or cultures and the communication, negotiation, or team development challenges you are facing. We then design customized workshops and services that focus on results to manage cultural differences, create a productive work situation, and interface effectively with multinational counterparts and clients.


Our competitive edge rests in our specialized skill set and our flexibility. We bring to you a wealth of experience in cultural sensitivity training, public relations, and writing. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we bring a new level of cultural savvy to your business team. Our courses fall into four general areas:

Cross Cultural Competency and Awareness Training

Global Team Development

Country-Specific Training                                       

Corporate Expatriate Assimilation Training



Few other industries require knowledge of cultural awareness and customer service more than hospitality. Catering to diverse guests and their cultural traditions and desires can present challenges to all levels of hospitality staff. Our customized training helps increase awareness of U.S. communication styles and preferences and how they impact guests from other cultures. Moreover, Tangible Development provides practical tools and specific strategies for working and communicating more effectively with multicultural guests and clients. Improved interactions will increase customer satisfaction and help position your business at the forefront of the global hospitality industry.


“At a recent conference we partnered with Tangible Development to better prepare our catering teams to sell to and service client needs beyond cultural lines. After defining what our goals were the team at Tangible Development went to work developing a strategy that was suited to our specific requirements. The feedback from our attendees after the seminar was overwhelmingly positive. They left with specific tools and knowledge that could be deployed immediately upon returning to their respective properties. Compliments to Tangible Development for a job well done.”

Tim DeBruin, CPCE, Corporate Director of Catering
Davidson Hotels & Resorts


“Understand the differences; act on the commonalities."   -- Andrew Masondo, African National Congress