Service with Style

Why Secret Shopping?

  • In a challenged economy, with an ultra-competitive marketplace, it has never been more important to protect your brand integrity and ensure that your guests are not just happy, but are acting as vocal advocates for your brand.
  • Integrity Shopping:
    • Is your bartender really measuring pours?  Offering ‘free’ food and/or drink? Properly accounting for cash transactions?  Respecting other metrics that YOU define in the shop?

Why Service with Style?

  • In business for over 14 years, Service with Style offers national coverage to a wide array of restaurants, hotels, resorts and even non-traditional channels of service.
  • Detailed Reports…both a simple easy to view dash board and ability to deep dive into every facet of the shop.  On-line software is powerful, yet easy to navigate.
  • Quality Shoppers…men & women who are carefully screened, thoroughly trained, and monitored regardless if the shop is a casual themed restaurant or a five star resort.

Additional Programs & Services:

  • On-line surveys
  • Restaurant Audits
  • Marketing Plans