Why Digital Menus?

  • Combines all the paper menus and marketing pieces into a single, cohesive platform that can be modified in real time.  This improves sustainability, adaptability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.
  • Extends all the information dining guests want but even the most highly trained service staff rarely has.  This includes photos, descriptions, wine pairings, nutritional and allergy information, and more.
  • Allows seamless integration of marketing efforts and cross promotion and adds a level of richness and engagement to the menu experience that a paper menu can never offer.  
    • Are your servers really promoting all that you offer your guests?  Able to recommend excellent pairings with every dish? Able to answer allergy information for each dish?

Why Menuvative® by Imenutech?

  • Founded and developed by industry professionals that understand the challenges of the hospitality industry, not by software developers with no understanding of the dining experience.
  • The only digital menu platform capable of full paper replacement.  No need to print wine lists, food menus, special cards, tablet tents.
  • Imenutech offers the most affordable tablet solution in the industry with their proprietary Android tablet that is half the cost of the Ipad.    
  • Includes Pairing Pro™…the world’s only automated food/wine pairing system driven by patented pairing logic. In concepts where wine is an important part of the business, this feature alone more than pays for the cost of the software.
  • Maintains your brand integrity and the Dining Experience…carefully designed to enrich the guest experience while increasing sales and efficiency WITHOUT attempting to flip the dining experience upside down.  No guest ordering or gimmicky use of other apps or technology.  Everything about the dining experience remains intact to ensure a comfortable transition to the digital menu platform across all demographics.

Additional Programs & Services:

  • Menu Design and Data Entry
  • Technical Support & Training
  • Expert Menu Consultation 



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller