About Steadfast Hospitality

Steadfast Hospitality Advisors, LLC (SHA) was formed in 2012 with a simple vision in mind: To connect, align, and synergize the brightest minds, most passionate hearts and finest goods and services in hospitality. SHA will have a primary focus in the on-premise universe, and primarily the world of hotels, concessionaires and fine dining. 

Steadfast Hospitality Advisors will initially have two core efficiencies.  First is offering expertise to regional and national chains with their core adult beverage programs and second will be to represent best in class, category leading, game changing products and services. 

 Core Values

Vision for the Future 

Steadfast Hospitality Advisors is planning for growth with expansion planned for the middle (Dallas through Chicago) and western United States. A forthcoming advisory board will be assembled along with an annual summit to enlist and engage individuals who will ensure we stay not only relevant but perfectly aligned with industry trends and opportunities.


About our founder, Ken Free 

Ken brings over 20 years of experience in the world of food, wine & hospitality. He worked in the high end produce business growing an extremely diverse array of produce, flowers and herbs, which he marketed to the general public and top restaurants in NYC in the early 90s. This was the perfect spring/summer/fall occupation that married nicely with public relations, sales and marketing in the ski industry in the Pocono Mountains of PA.

Ken continued growing in hospitality representing an industry leader in domestic and global wine production at E&J Gallo, for close to 14 years, where he sold to, and consulted with, the top hotels, restaurants, concessionaires, and fine dining establishments in the country. 

Ken has a business to business marketing degree from James Madison University, and has dozens of certifications from top culinary, beverage, media and public relations organizations. 

Residing on the Chesapeake Bay, near Annapolis, Maryland, Ken is an avid fisherman, crabber and bird watcher and also enjoys organic gardening, hiking and the culinary arts.

“Chance favors the prepared self”